The Greatest Reads in Product Management

The 10 Things I Have Learned about Agile Product Delivery

In an Agile world, there are good times as well as bad times. What you need to do is to master the art of product delivery in order to succeed. Brijesh Malkan shares his own experience as an Agile Product Manager.

The Five Scariest Words a Product Manager Can Hear

Most B2B companies are not aware of the fact that they can build innovations into their own Product Management discipline – easily. John Mansour talks about the art of innovation. Find out what five words products managers find scary in his inspirational article.

What Does it Mean to be a Big Data Product Manager?

A big data product manager is one who is conscious of the needs of the company’s customers. A product manager’s job is to ensure the customer/user experience is pivotal. Rahul Abhyankar’s article has quite a few tips for you on this topic.

How Not to Create a Software Product that Delights Customers

How do you ensure that your software products are capable for meeting your clients’ expectations? Chris Lema shares the example of two companies that have mastered the art of software product creation by studying their customers’ expectations. This is a must read for every product manager.

How to Make the Customer’s Voice Heard within the Development Team

Every product manager needs to be aware of the customer’s voice because that is what they’re supposed to market to. I wrote this article to help product managers that want to improve their work. I have shared some wonderful tips on how you can make your customer’s voice heard within the product development team.


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