Infographic: Everyone makes more in Silicon Valley

By: Mark @Spectechular Silver

Whether you are a software engineer or a marketing manager, one truth remains; you can earn more in Silicon Valley than you would elsewhere. There are currently around 48,000 jobs at Internet companies in the Valley and unemployment is down considerably year after year.

For example, the national median salary for marketing managers is $77,000, while the Silicon Valley median salary is $102,000 and for web developers, the national median is $61,407 and in Silicon Valley, it is $97,149. Although the salaries are much higher, the cost of living in Silicon Valley is 61.5% higher than the national average, the cost of a home is 191% higher than the national average and the average apartment rent is 76% higher than the national average. So, although there are advantages and benefits to living in Silicon Valley, they do not come without added costs, it all comes down to determining which ones are most important to you.

Infographic by Focus.

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