Infographic: The Library of Product Management Tools

As product managers we all have our go-to tool, or favorite platform to use. I personally love using PowerPoint because it allows for a lot of creative freedom from animation to color schemes. Each manager obviously has their own preferences, but what is it that makes certain tools more popular than others? Is it based on the person, the type of company, or is it the actual tool?

According to this fascinating infographic by SiriusDecisions, once a week a whopping 96% of product managers use general business applications such as Excel or PowerPoint, while on the other end of the spectrum only 15% use idea management applications such as UserVoice. By looking at this infographic you can tell there is clearly a preference for general business applications and agile oriented project management applications.

Product managers utilize a wide range of technologies and tools in order to succeed at their job. With so many tools out there to choose from it’s important to know which ones are more reliable. As product managers we’re not only managing the production of the product, but we also have a team under our wing. By knowing which products are out there we can teach our team which products are best, and benefit by knowing which technology won’t let you down when presenting your latest product strategy.


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