June’s Top Product Management Articles

This June, there were so many fascinating product management articles published. In this month’s roundup, I selected the most interesting and innovative articles I found. From prototyping lessons to a surprise point of view to the normally negatively viewed artificial intelligence systems, you definitely don’t want to miss out!

There is one thing your product strategy might still be missing.

1. 5 Step Actionable Agile Retrospectives

There are so many ways to manage a production team, it all depends on various factors from the team to the product type. In this fascinating article, the author lists five steps to achieve an agile production process. I think it’s always useful to read about new and different methods regardless if they apply to your specific process or not.


2. What I learned Prototyping With No Prototyping Experience

This is a personal story of a unique type of development process that resulted in a successful product. By including videos and other visual aids, the write tells their story of how they successful developed a product without any prior experience. While it’s not the conventional “how to” article, I think it’s nice to read about smaller development processes every once and a while.


3. Making Sense of Any Product by Abby Covert

Chris Massey’s article covers some important lessons taught by information architect Abby Covert. He lists three crucial points that all product managers should keep in mind during product design. I found this article very useful, as the lessons weren’t simply generic and repetitive, but contained original ideas with important messages.


4. How to Align UX with Product Management

There are so many steps to producing a successful product, and at times combining the various departments and making sure they are on the same page is challenging. Nick Kellingley discusses how to align UX and product management to create a seamless product development process.


5. 4 Solutions for Better Requirements Management

Sometimes it can be challenging to juggle everything on your roadmap when your product is sold through various channels to different customers. When combining prioritizing everything included in your roadmap with trying to remain as agile as possible, product managers often feel overwhelmed. Brian De Haaff provides four elegant solutions for product managers who feel as if they are being stretched too thin.

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6. SiriusDecisions 2016 Summit Recap

In case you missed this informative summit, where marketing and product leaders collaborated together, Jeff Lash provides a comprehensive recap. The summit included many renowned speakers and professionals who each had their own plethora of knowledge to impart on each of the product leaders. Lash discusses some of the key topics covered, including some useful blogs he found to be most informative.


7. Why We Need Product People to Save AI

In this talk by Ashwini Asokan, she states that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been significantly misrepresented in recent years in a negative light, when they really aren’t as dangerous as people say. Until now, the experience of AI hasn’t been very successful, as bots aren’t designed to properly function. Read more to find out Asokan has to say about the future of AI, and why it’s up to use to save them.


8. 8 Clever Product Management Insights I found This Week on Twitter

Twitter is a great source of informative, no matter which profession you work in. Check out this list I put together of some of the most insightful and interesting tweets I recently came across. These individuals provide fascinating articles ranging in various fascinating topics.

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