Must-Read Product Management Tips of the Week

The difference between a good product manager and a great one is knowledge, and the desire to know more. Read the following few blogs in order to gain more insight on the art of product management.


Lean Product Management

Don’t let the headline fool you. If you’re looking for a simple, easy to understand video to understand the basics of product management then this is it. You don’t need to be very experienced in the field to understand what Dan Olsen, one of the top product managers, is talking about. The video may be a little lengthy but is worth your while.

No One Cares About Your Product Features

One of the most interesting posts I’ve read in a while. It may seem counterintuitive that your product features aren’t what people are looking for, but that’s the way it seems. Learn why you need to address the 3 main types of people: the skeptics, the worry warts and the indifferent.

How Do Product Managers Prepare for a Marketing Disaster?

It’s more than likely going to be inevitable. You may have one of the best products on the market, but a silly rumor, or a misquote, will throw your product through a loop. Learn how to deal with a marketing disaster before it happens.

On Rhythm

A good product manager has rhythm. It may not seem important to have a certain rhythm at work, a sense of teamwork, but from my personal experience it is one of the most important aspects of being a product manager. To understand how important it is, read here.

3 More Applications That Will Help Product Managers

With all of the applications available today, it is tough to choose just three.  The three chosen here are some of the most useful and easy to use applications. Lucidchart, ProductPlan and Aptivo will help you stay organized and form your plan, as well as allow you to keep track of your product.





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