Product Data Management Software You Should Know

Product data management software focuses on the centralization of management and processing of data. Product Data Management (PDM) enhances proper presentation of processed data and correlation of different departments in an organization. There are several PDM software in the market but let’s on these three common ones.

Arena Solutions

Arena Solutions offers a centralized Bill of Matrial (BOM) that manages complex production structures and ensures their accuracy. BOM also allows the manufacturers to view the product’s structure and components of the product at every level of production and also as a whole. BOM helps in determining the difference between the original creation and the revised version by viewing the components.

Arena allows for the tracking of product order, purchase, receipt and support costs in relation to that. This product data management software enables you to correct or change an element that recurs severally only once. It provides you with substitutes to a certain component in the production line. Arena solutions helps in calculating the cost of production, the target of the same and the standard it should be. It also provides a history on any changes made on cost.


PDMLynx helps manufacturers manage information of suppliers such as cost, pricing and delivery. With the suppliers it manages the AVL and AML lists. It creates processes that meet a particular manufacturer’s needs since it’s flexible and can be manipulated. It analyzes the different components of a product and gives a report on the impact to be experienced when attempting to change any aspect. PDMLynx keeps all BOMs in check by updating them to the latest version hence making production easier and fit for current systems. With PDMLynx the ECO process is fastened therefore creation of the product is faster. This product data management software keeps track of all products that are being shipped to ensure they are all up to the required mark. Improvement of products is done easily through the automatic feature. PDMLynx provides all your departments and production levels with one central source of information; and as such any changes made by each of them is immediately reflected on the central system.

CMstat PDMPlus

This product data management software comes with a security feature that protects all your product information such as components, drawings and costs. It allows the authorized users to access product information at any time from their own department without having to look at the central system. Users are able to receive any changes imparted on the product hence no errors occur.

This software reviews all the levels of production and calculates costs even on levels that have been changed. The most amazing feature of CMstat PDMPlus is that it eliminates geographical barriers by creating a forum for all partisans to take part in and share information concerning products. The pre-programmed configuration rules enable the product’s integrity to be highly maintained all the time. It allows users to access any information even with levels that work parallel to each other since no interruption occurs.

These are just but a few of the product data management software available in the market and they are great competitors. Choosing the right software depends on a manufacturer’s needs.


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