Product Management Explained in 3 Words

Yes. Just, yes. One of the aspects of design that I must admit to loving, and I am really happy is finally catching on, is the aspect of modern simplicity. Open floor plans for houses, simple and sleek lines on sports cars, and products. The iPhone really started the trend, with a simple yet sleek phone. No need for flip phones with gimmicks. Personally I believe design should be simple and clean, and if you want to make it stand out you should add a subtle change.

Below is an infographic by Martin Eriksson that perfectly describes a product manager’s position. As a product manager I need to be business minded, understand the user experience and understand technology. A good product manager understands the aspects of all three circles and must understand how to merge them together. What’s important for you to understand is that product managers don’t need to be the best. There’s a reason that you’re not one whole circle.

Another interpretation of the infographic is that you bind them all together. You are the meeting point of all three aspects of your company; you are the intersection in the road. Force all three aspects to look at each other and understand that other aspects exist. Don’t let the circles drift apart but keep them together.

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