Product Management Responsibilities Overview

I’ve been asked several times to talk about product management responsibilities, and I’ve told my readers, to just be patient, and in time, I would get to this topic. I put this one off for a little while because I can’t actually summarize it in one little post.

There are so many responsibilities involved in product management, that it could fill volumes. So, I will touch upon a few of the major responsibilities, and why they’re so important.

What’s the biggest responsibility of a product manager?

Leadership, of course.

Above all else, the product manager must be the tie that binds the team. As the leader, you must be confident, wise and dependable; dauntless in the face of chaos. Practice what you preach- lead by example.

Beyond that, Product managers must also have the skills to manage the flow of a product lifecycle. This entails applying R&D to revisions, and rebranding. It also involves applying customer complaints, feedback, suggestions or requests to the product.

A product is a living, breathing organism that must adapt to the needs of the customer.

Prioritization comes next.

Now, we get into the nitty gritty of management. A product manager must be able to pick and choose what is and isn’t practical, timely or feasible. The product manager must work with R&D, getting customer input.

In essence this means product managers must also, therefore, understand customers: determining what is and isn’t constructive feedback and how a product should adapt. They must also know when to reset cycles: i.e., rebrand, relaunch, restart the marketing campaign and redesign the branding of the product.

Thick Skin

When something goes wrong with a product, Product managers are the first ones blamed for it, even if they were not the cause.  Stay calm, pick your chin up, and try to remedy the problem. Be creative;  there is a solution for every problem.

Product management responsibilities are vast. This isn’t an easy job to do (many of my colleagues will vouch for the difficulties and pressures encountered in this role).

I have mentioned some of the basic challenges the role entails…Do you have what it takes to be a product manager?

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