Product Portfolio Management Software Comparison

Product Portfolio Management Software integrates information from existing job management, personnels, and monetary systems to provide an introduction of project profile with simple drilldown to information for profile managers, project managers, and resource managers. This makes it possible for ingenious and collective, cross-functional company procedures.

Project Managment covers the whole range of project management activities in development and consultancy projects, from planning to application to project conclusion (consisting of engineers jobs). Supports companies to grow their project management excelence by providing strong standalone project management core support, offering a large range of integration choices, brand-new item development and intro, speaking with jobs and IT jobs.

You can structure your job & profile per the following viewpoint:

1. Job Management: Helps you manage phase-based development tasks.

2. Profile Management: You can deal with the strategic facets of profile management, display project condition – consisting of details about task resources – and manage your entire project portfolio.

3. Flawlessly integrate with one another to offer you optimum management tools.

 What is SAP Project System

SAP Project System (PS) is the module within SAP that manages the complete cycle of planning and execution of Projects. It integrates between all various other modules allowing tasks to be carried out effectively, with suitable timing and within established budget plan. The SAP PS enhances the business processes from job preparing through to accomplishing the job and allows a task progression analysis. You can plan, accomplish and control tasks in a target-orientated and a company fashion.

You structure your project per the following perspectives:

1. By structures, using a work breakdown structure (WBS).

2. By process, making use of individual activities (work plans).

The distinction in between SAP Product Portfolio Management Software & SAP PS are:

Technically speaking in SAP PS you have: Job Explanations, Work Breakdown Structure’s(WBSs) with Network’s and processes, in PPM you’ve Efforts, Items, Decisi³n Points, Phases, Projects, Tasks, List and also Checklist Items. The genuinely difference are the usage of all thous things’s to represent an Idea and follow an item with an Stage-Gate methodology.

Can I utilize SAP PS to stand for the Initiative or Idea of a future project?

Yes, however could be extremely limited and restricted in functionality. It’s not the goal.

You can successfully keep an eye on projects, including management of job expenses and profits. This part covers the regulating and logistics aspect of project management and is made use of often for project management in the production market.

 Can I make use of SAP PS to replace SAP PPM?

No, you’d need to utilize SAP if you need to incorporate Revenue and Expenses to SAP product portfolio management. You are able to change SAP Project System with the SAP CO to combine Revenue and Expenses (without the WBS structure) making use of Internal Orders.

Do not forget that SAP product portfolio management software was produced to cover from the beginning at the end of all Portfolio and Project Managers activities.

Remember that SAP PS is usually made use of for essential users (job leaders), administrators users or controllers.


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