The Top 5 Videos That Best Define Product Management

Product management is so much more than most people think. It is an all-inclusive position, no matter how ambiguous the title may seem. These five videos not only include explanations and insights from product management experts, but also a vast amount of personal experiences shared by professionals that we can all learn from.


1. Steven Haines on “What is World-Class Product Management?”

Steven Haines discusses some of the major issues that product managers and customers deal with every day. Based on his own experience, he explains what happens when companies take on the practice of product management as a recognized business function. This allows for increased business and marketing success, as the right kind of product management brings more successful products.

2. Google Ventures Workshop: Lean Product Management

This video explains how to excel in lean product management and achieve product success. Understanding every type of customers’ wants and needs by gathering user feedback and implementing the data is a key component.


3. The Art of Product Management with Sachin Rekhi

Sachin Rekhi talks about the importance of mastering the role of product management, and what true success entails. Going above and beyond the basic responsibilities, and proving leadership and innovative thinking is what makes a great product manager. Rekhi discusses various lessons he learned throughout his career based on personal experiences about what it truly means to be a product manager.


4. What Skills are Needed to be an Effective Product Manager?

In this video a handful of product management professionals answer the question “what skills are needed to be an effective product manager” based on their personal experiences. Each individual brings in fantastic insights which anyone can apply to their own careers. This video is full of knowledge imparted by a diverse group of individuals, defining for themselves the key traits that make up a successful product manager.


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5. Rose Yao on Product Management

Well known product manager Rose Yao discusses her own views on the field of product management. She talks about what actually defines a good product manager, and attempts to create a counter argument to the “ambiguity” of the title. Yao’s talk is well rounded and insightful, and includes answers to questions straight from the audience.

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