The Voice of the Product (Infographic)

When developing a product the management of the process is spearheaded by the product manager. They act as the main authoritative source of information on product strategy, features and functions. The product manager is in charge of everything from sales to customer service, to the decision making on the basics of the product.

When you release your next feature, make sure your voice is heard. 

In this infographic by Marketistics, the very essence of the product manager’s position is broken down by a helpful chart in order to really depict just how far the voice of the product manager reaches. With colorful labeling, we can see how the product manager effects each category either through product strategy or product features. The infographic then breaks it down even further to separate between functions and operations.  I think this is a very useful piece of information for any product manager to take a look at. It’s always beneficial to reevaluate your position, and the core functions of your job.

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