[Video] Is Your Product a Trick or Treat?

Seems like Halloween came earlier this year, right?

After the 4th of July I started noticing orange and black colored candy everywhere. It’s also one of the first years I’ve noticed all the big companies are making Halloween flavored candy. Many of the candies are not too tasty, and it got me wondering whether they even do focus groups.

One of my biggest management beliefs is that you have to know your target audience. What they want, what they need and what they expect. This is why I really enjoy the videos BuzzFeed make, where people try different products or taste strange food.

These videos are actually incredibly useful for companies, as they help us understand the importance of focus groups. Moreover, it shows us how youth feel about different products, and the way they think and react. You need a focus group in order to understand how your product is doing and whether it is up to par. So learn something from this fun little video and go out and get your focus group!

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