Video: Think Big in Under 10 Seconds

My speaking style and personality is somewhat different than the personality you all have come to know and love online. While I can hold a conversation and know how to make myself heard, after all I am a product manager, I like it when things are short, sweet, and to the point. I find it to be a very important gift to be able to get your message across in only a few words.

Planning you product strategy? Make it complete. 

This is why I love smart advertisements like the one below. They are 10 second videos that allow them to get the point across in the short attention span of today. They are what product managers should aspire to. If you cannot explain your product, or even your work style and team in 10 seconds, then your product may be too complicated. Be smart about your product management and learn to pitch your product in 10 seconds or less. The smart car guys might look small but they think big.

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