YouTube iOS Update Gives Users Cardboard VR Support

YouTube has just given a nice update for YouTube iOS users with the YouTube app. The company’s update gives users the ability to watch any video in VR mode using Cardboard. Android users with YouTube app have had Cardboard support since November, and now iPhone users have joined the fold as well.


YouTube iOS- Reinventing Themselves To Stay Relevant

YouTube has done a great job of being flexible as to what services it is willing to offer. Whenever a competitor offers a similar service, YouTube manages to tack on more and more features. Whether it be YouTube live to compete against live streaming against Facebook or Twitch. YouTube recently added its 360 feature to live events as well, constantly trying to keep one foot ahead of the competition.

A Cheaper Alternative

Aside from offering services with more features, YouTube hopes to keep users on its platform by offering a cheaper alternative for experiencing virtual reality. Without needing to pay for content creation, YouTube is able to rely on creators to supply beautiful 360 videos, while viewers can experience virtual reality through their inexpensive Google Cardboard sets.


The Takeaway

Product managers need to constantly fend off competition by paying attention to what users are looking for. Managers must find ways to innovate and add more features when the trend demands. Additionally, it’s very important to keep prices affordable in such a way, that customers would be unwise not to use your service/product.

I addressed the following question to YouTube: How will YouTube manage to compete with Facebook video, with Facebook close in competition for Live, 360 video and VR on the brinks?

I will keep you posted when they reply.


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