A Little Product Management Tool Called WalkMe

For a long time, people have wished for a more innovative form of product management tool to overcome some of the more difficult hurdles of the field. As a product manager, you have to deal with managing storefront interfaces, purchase interfaces, shopping gallery systems and much more. On top of this, these designs have to not only work with many devices, but with many kinds of people. It’s a logistical nightmare that screams for a high tech but simple solution that just hasn’t come to be. Or, has it?

There does in fact exist a product management tool that can help make all of this less of a mess. But, before we get into this unlikely hero, let’s look a little closer at the problems we face.

Store fronts and shopping interfaces are hard to make fool proof, right? You try to make the shopping experience, from browsing to research to purchase and related shopping suggestions all fluid, intelligent and dynamic. But, that’s easier said than done, given no two people are alike, and what works simply and conveniently for one customer does not inherently work for another. This means that pleasing one standard puts you at odds with the others, and there’s no way to win traditionally.

Meet WalkMe:

Now, what can WalkMe do, in general? It runs by integrating into a web interface directly, where it’s aware of web elements and user activity. Per its point and click scripting, it can lock and unlock controls, print notices and highlight different elements to guide a user through various steps, enforcing them being done properly in the right order.

This means that if you satisfy the majority, the minority for whom your design and methodologies do not work can be guided through by WalkMe quite easily.

Along with this, its skill with pattern recognition and its readily available interface for presentation and interaction means that the suggestion system, shopping cart and other aspects of your design can piggyback over WalkMe and be much smarter and fool proof as well.

So, above all else, WalkMe helps product managers by making the storefront that much easier to maintain, design intelligently, and satisfy every mindset if by guiding the minority mindsets in a step by step process.

This makes product management a lot easier, with these clashing preferences and difficulties with solid store fronts eliminated through top tier self service and educational software like this. It also makes the lives of the customer service people easier.

Along with this, WalkMe can be used to help your team along in their entering of items into the storefront and administering the store front, thus eliminating any possibilities for error there, improving quality from your end quite expertly.

So, it may be easy to mistake WalkMe for just a teaching and self service tool, but when you think about its inherent functionality, and this self service guidance capacity being great for making the store front work much better, and eliminating user issues that are otherwise impossible to mutually solve.

WalkMe is indeed an excellent product management tool, and you’d be remiss to overlook it as a great resource for just that. But, remember some discretion when it comes to how much you want to “talk down” when guiding people through your store, because if they feel their intelligence is being insulted, that’s just not okay.


Mark is the Lead Author & Editor of Spectechular Blog. Mark established the Spectechular blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Product Management.