Best Articles of Product Management

Another week has come and gone and the world of Product Marketing is overflowing with the latest news, reviews and innovations! I’ve summed it all up, into the top 5 product marketing stories that everyone’s talking about. Here they are:

1# Marissa Mayer and the new breed of product manager CEOs

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo Boss, has a unique set of skills and leadership style that is different from other CEOs. Will Yahowicz takes a closer look at her traits that make her exceptional.

2# Creative Product Management- A story of Open source success

Open source operating system has really fueled success of Google. Janna Bastow takes a look at the benefits of using an open source strategy in product management.

3# 3 Things Every product manager needs to know in order to manage

Managing a product is not an easy task. DRJIM provides three major aspects that every product manager must know in order to perform managerial tasks diligently.

4# Sunsetting a Product: Pricing

Though hard to believe, you actually price a sunsetting product. Consider the following factors by Runyan in order to sunset a product successfully.

5# Strategic Brand Management Tips

In this article I outline tips to make sure that, in addition to product management, you are focusing on brand management to make sure that your company stands out from the rest.



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