Best Product Management Articles Of the Week

Product management is a very wide topic on which ones needs to stay up-to-date. This “Best of Week” article is sure to leave you updated with the latest news, reviews and innovations in the world of product management.

#1 How Not to Advertise Your Company

Bad advertising can wreak havoc to your brand. Saeed Khan takes a critical look at some poor advertising habits that could end up tarnishing your business.

#2 Product Managers: Why Making Drastic Changes to UI is User-Unfriendly

As Michael Shrivathsan puts it, always have the user in mind when changing your UI.

#3 People Don’t Just Buy Products; They Buy Better Versions of Themselves

Customers shop for value. They want to know the benefits of your product and service so they can decide if it will benefit them or not. Belle Beth Cooper summarizes the philosophy of value-marketing.

#4 If At First You Don’t Succeed – Disrupting Incumbents in the Enterprise

How do you deal with disruptive market entry or disruptive technology? Steven Sinofsky takes an in depth approach to this crucial question.


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