The Extensive Guide to Product Design and Develpoment

Simply put, product development strategy is the creation of a new product to introduce into the market. The design and development phases collect technologies, materials, ideas and methods to define the product and how to manufacture the product. In structural engineering applications, product design and development is the process of designing and creating a new

Breaking Down The Global Product Development Process

With the cut-throat world of business growing by the day, shedding some light on global product development process is an important topic to discuss. Let’s take a better look at this process in order to unearth how product managers of organizations can steer their organizations in knowing where to leverage this growing phenomenon as a

Your Product Development Methodology Process Guide

The  product development methodology process consists of eight stages. Each stage consists of a description, steps and action items. Your Product Development Methodology Process Guide Stage 1: Validate the market problems This includes conducting a market research to improve your understanding of the market problem that you want to address. Your goal in this stage

Improving the Product Development Process

The Product development process is a mechanism which delivers the new products reliably for the distribution or manufacture. It is critical and core component of a product strategy where the product can be created by you rather than sourcing from the supplier. There are many organizations that are trying to influence their product development efforts

New Product Development Strategy – Understanding the Process

I find myself at an impasse with the new product development strategy topic. See, I actually discussed this in fairly good detail (as non-technical discussion goes), when talking about the general product development and management lifecycles both. Now, it’s my fault that happened because I tend to give more information than is required. But, since