Great Product Information Management Software to Consider

Product information management software isn’t a new niche in the IT industry, but with the revolution of SaaS, it has now taken the spotlight.

Truth be told, product information management software was originally, (like many other IT solutions), a mixture of various multi-task programs being used to perform specific functions. We are now entering a new era where tasked business software solutions are making the migration to SaaS.

Initially, in the early days of computing and networking, product information management software consisted of database programs (and server host scripts). Later, it was replaced by better databases, spreadsheets and back-end web interfaces. Now, with the software’s migration to SaaS, it can be formulated with specific functionalities in mind, thus making it leaner and meaner than  the complicated monsters they once were.
But you’re not here to hear about the history, you’re here because you want to  know about the best providers of product information management software.

Here are my Top 3 picks:

#1 – Apsiva’s Product Information Management
Apsiva is one of the pioneers of product information management software.  It offers a scalable, bare bones solution to management challenges. This software targets shipping data, production data and retail data; and this data can be accessed by every department.
Different access portals prioritize your data (i.e., shipping receives shipping information first, retail receives notifications etc…).

This comprehensive, cooperative, mobile cloud system is a no-nonsense solution for small and medium businesses…but may be a bit weak for large businesses.

#2 – SyncForce

SyncForce is designed for CRM and product management. This program understands the importance of media functionality in the modern cloud era. As a result Syncforce offers a wide range of functionalities such as digital communication, cross media consistency, cooperative access, and data exchange.
SyncForce is ideal for  startups and medium sized businesses.

#3 – Kenesto
Plain and simple, Kenesto is a PLM suite with product information management software. It is a scalable; offering compatiblity with just about any type of business that needs PLM and internal BI.
This suite offers document management, order modification and control, design control, item management, CAPA systems and AVL systems. (Kenesto’s visual workflow systems are actually capable of managing textual data, as well).

Product information management software is becoming an essential part of the SaaS business infrastructure.  Its differentiation from other product management tools has become much more defined; We’ll see product management software headed in one of two possible directions: either it will be a defined functionality of PLM and CRM, or it will be its own niche. No matter which direction it takes, this software is sticking around.

Mark is the Lead Author & Editor of Spectechular Blog. Mark established the Spectechular blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Product Management.