How to Build a Product Management Team

I talk a good deal about product management approaches, product lifecycles and the responsibilities of the manager. But no man is an island; without a team of competent, hard-working people to back you up, a company’s product management is not going to get very far.

 So, with that said, what’s involved in building a product management team that can do all that is needed, and do so with smiles on their faces? Well, the answer lies in science. A bit of sociology and psychology lie behind successful product management and team building.


First and foremost, your team must be compatible with one another. Each member must be able to work well with others, be open minded and have a patience and understand that business and work philosophies will clash.

They must be team-minded; Team goals must be higher priorities than personal achievements. They must have a passion for the product, their company and their team, rather than a passion of their own personal rewards.


Team members must be multi-talented. Although  everyone has a specific role and a skillset, individuals must also be able to cover the responsibilities of others in the team- when the need arises. If there is an absence or the workload exceeds what individuals can bare, they have the ability ‘to come to the rescue’.


Finally, in designing your team, you must choose (at least some) people who come with experience. Team members should have a basic understanding of product lifecycle, branding and public relations. These people must also be able to draw on experience in order to make expert decisions on informed information –  to you – as a manager.

Your team is everything, so choose wisely. Once you choose individuals, make sure that the relationships within your team are solid. Inter-compatibility between team members creates a solid unit that will function with optimal success..If you follow these general rules, then building your product management team will go smoothly.

Mark is the Lead Author & Editor of Spectechular Blog. Mark established the Spectechular blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Product Management.