Inspire Your Inner Leader with Simon Sinek

What do all leaders have in common? What is the key differentiator between a successful leader, and just another boss? Simon Sinek shares his insight on leadership in this inspiring TED Talk.


Simon focuses on the concept that all acknowledgeable leaders think, act, and communicate in a unique way which sets them apart. The difference between a good product leader and a great one is the awareness of the impact their actions make, simply understanding why they do what they do.


Grasping the fundamental impact of your mundane day-to-day tasks sets you apart from your peers, and has the potential to make you a great product manager.” (Click to Tweet)


Comprehending the purpose behind your actions allows you to obtain the ability to lead your team to greatness. Performing actions with purpose behind them is ten times more meaningful then just going through the motions, and that attitude rubs off on your team.


Watch this motivational Ted Talk, and learn about Simon Sinek’s unique leadership techniques. Apply his philosophy to your own life and you’ll have the ability to inspire your team to achieve incredible feats.

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