July’s Top Product Management Articles

This month was full of fascinating articles defining product management, and pinpointing the most important traits and skills every product leader should focus on. In this roundup you’ll discover insightful articles about how to create the best content strategies to deliver ROI, along with how to focus on customer feedback in order to develop the best product possible.


1. Why Writers Should Manage Your Tech Projects

Read about why Adam Ghahramani thinks that writers make exceptional product managers. Whether or not you yourself are a writer, this article contains some great insight into the key characteristics and skills it takes to become a successful product manager.


2. Project Management, Well That’s Just Making Lists, Isn’t it?

Product management isn’t as simple as many people think. In fact, as Karen Bewick puts it, “the life of a project manager is a complex one,” and I definitely agree. From projects, to timelines, to resources, to managing your team, and so much more, product managers have a lot on their plate. Bewick provides a great analysis of the important responsibilities a product manager is in charge of, and how crucial our work really is.


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3. How to Create a Content Strategy That Will Deliver ROI

A good content strategy is the clear path to delivering ROI. In this fascinating article, Sarena Brown brings in useful advice into how to create successful content for your inbound marketing strategy. It’s important to make sure you are creating content that is directed at your target audience in order to see success.

4. 5 Amazing Things You Could Do With Customer Feedbacks

As product managers, our job is to identify what the customers want, and produce a product successfully from start to finish that fulfills those guidelines. Customer feedback is a very important tool which can be utilized by anyone from designers to managers in deciding what to include in a new product. Wilson Peng delves into the topic of customer feedback in his interesting article, and discusses five things that feedback helps managers and developers alike accomplish.


5. 5 Ways to Think Like a Growth Hacker

Learn how to rock at growth hacking with these five useful pieces of advice. Vivek Patel discusses what it takes to become a growth hacker and how it can benefit your company, not to mention advance your skills. In this day and age it’s important to accommodate new trends and implement them within your development process.

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6. Product Manager Skills: Maximizing Influence Through People Skills

There are so many different skills required to become a successful product manager. From leadership qualities, to becoming an expert in your field, the job description of product manager is not a short one. Colleen O’Rourke shares her insights into what it really takes to be an excellent product leader based on her own experiences from her many years working in the field.


7. Anatomy of a Product Manager

Lorian Leong provides a great recap based on a talk given by product management expert Anne-Lise Waal. With topics covered such as utilizing smart metrics, knowing your statistics and your audience, this article provides a great overall summary of what makes up a product manager.


8. The Top 5 Videos That Best Define Product Management

There are various methods to learn about new tactics or gain new information. I find videos extremely helpful because they provide an alternative way to portray information through colorful graphics and intriguing speaking or music. Take a look at this list I recently compiled containing some of the best videos that are spot on in defining product management.






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