Mark’s Reading Corner – 5 Must Reads of the Week

This week has been an especially good week for product management blogs. It’s nice to see that people have taken their vacation days and come back energized and ready to take on 2016. There are also some clear cut trends that are starting to take place and I believe may move forward rapidly, some to my chagrin.

Here are the top 5 blog posts I read this past week which I feel will be of benefit to you as a product manager, or for someone interested in product management. Take a few minutes to read these blogs as they will help you meditate on your position and your future.


Product Manager vs. Product Owner

I don’t have enough fingers to count the amount of times that people have confused the two roles. One of the toughest aspects of being a product manager is knowing your role as a manager and not the owner. Greg Cohen does an amazing job of distinguishing the two roles and will ultimately make your life easier.


Improving Product Management in 2016: Strategy vs. Technique

What’s the difference between product management strategy vs. technique? As Jeff Lash puts brilliantly “Technique is knowing how to hit a lob. Strategy is knowing when to hit a lob and when not to. No matter how good your technique is, without strategy, you aren’t likely to win.” An important article for all product managers, owners and CEO’s.


How to Choose the Right Product Management Leadership Styles

A product manager is ultimately a leader. You probably don’t have the best technical skills on your team, you may not be the ultimate salesperson, but you should be the best leader on the team. Study different leadership styles and you may find something that is the best fit for you.


Product Management Resources Worth Paying For

Product managers are notoriously stingy, at least those that I know. I didn’t know these 4 products but after learning about them I understand why Joshua Duncan suggests them. The one I agree most with is the Harvard Business Journal. It is important to stay updated. It is more so to take a few minutes and really focus on what you’re reading. I find it easiest when you disconnect from the modern world and read print.


How to Marry Agile Change Management and Lean Software Development

One of my toughest challenges last year was knowing how to use all the new styles of product management and merge them together. Eventually I became pretty good at blending agile change management with lean software development and I’d like to help you get there too.




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