Mark’s Reading Corner – Top Product Management Stories this Week

Sometimes I get the feeling that no matter how much I know, no matter how much I try and be an expert on the subject of product management and to be the ultimate product manager, I will never know enough. Sounds a little depressing but it’s true, and that’s what I love! The fact that my job entails me to always work on myself, check myself and learn new methods and ideas fascinates me.

In order to keep up to date with the latest trends and ideas in product management I’m constantly scouring the web for new ideas. Sometimes you think you may have the most efficient style of work, but it turns out there might be something better. Or you think you have a brilliant idea, but after examining it, you discover that it’s best not to execute it yet. So here are my top 5 blog posts I think can help you become a better product manager.


Pepsi Product Managers Try to Fool Everyone All the Time

The Accidental Product Manager blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites. His post on Pepsi product managers really hit home because it is an issue that I feel many product managers unfortunately have to face. Sometimes your product is a hit and then takes a sudden downturn. By trying to fix your product you may actually make it worse.


5 Indispensable Habits of Great Product Leaders

I always try and become a better leader. No matter how good you are at coding, at designing products or selling to your CEO on your idea, if you can’t manage your team correctly then it’s worthless. Learn how to have at least 5 good habits to motivate and lead your team.


How to Meet Customer Needs at the Top of the ‘Benefit Ladder’

One of the more insightful reads I’ve read in the past few months. This gets into the “why” when designing a product. Instead of simply relying on what you think people want, you’ll understand why people want it. “Don’t guess what your customer wants or, worse, give her what you want. Ask.”


Can Product Managers Learn Something from Donald Trump?

Many of you may have realized that I tend to get inspired from just about anything. Donald Trump is no different. Like him or hate him, you need to respect him. The man knows how to manage his product.


On Hiring Technical PMs

I’ve had a few thoughts about hiring product managers who have technical backgrounds compared to non-technical backgrounds. Michael Siliski makes some good points about the virtues of product managers who know how to code. I see a value in having product managers from all disciplines.

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