May’s Best – The Top 8 Product Management Posts of the Month

This month I had the privilege to read some incredible articles, with topics ranging from the importance of collaboration to insights from the top experts in the field. I truly learned a lot about product management, with wisdom coming from the most unexpected places, such as a documentary about a horse.  I enjoyed reading about the most popular product management apps, and how to turn things around when your product isn’t doing as well as you’d like. May was full of fantastic articles, you definitely don’t want to miss out!


1. Product Management Tips From the Documentary “A Faster Horse”

Insight can come from the most unexpected places. Andre Theus discovered fantastic product management tips from the documentary A Fast Horse. From creating something from nothing, to going above and beyond the boundaries of what’s considered the norm, this advice can be applied to any product manager at any stage in their career.


2. What To Do When Your Product Is Down

Once the development process of your product is complete and it’s been released, you may think you’re done with it for good. But what happens when your product is down? Due to the fact that unfortunately this occurs more often than not, businesses should have a plan ready to be implemented in order to handle the aftermath and learn for future prevention. This article provides a step-by-step process on how to structure your product failure plan.


3. Why Great Products Need Great Collaboration

When design and development work together the outcome is a more user friendly and successful product. This article lists all the perks to collaborating with design experts during the product development process. User experience is a key component to ensuring the product’s market success. Garin Evans writes about some important issues that arise when there is a lack of collaboration among the different teams, and offers some helpful tips on how product managers can advocate for the success of their product.

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4. 3 Reasons Why Product Management Should Have Revenue KPIs and 3 Reasons Why Not

A popular debate among the product management community is addressed in this interesting read. Many argue that product managers shouldn’t be measured on revenue, which should be left to the marketing department. Instead, they should focus on developing products based on the needs of the customers. However, others argue that there are important reasons for a product manager to have revenue KPIS. Maja Linsdstrom presents each side to the argument in her article while offering some useful insights as well.


5. 9 Useful Apps for Product Managers

Good tools are essential to a great product manager and their team. From applications that ensure your workflow is more efficient and organized all around, to methods that make it easier to visualize your product roadmap, tools are key to success. This list that was put together by Josh Elman is extremely helpful for every product manager to keep in their back pocket.


6. Why Did We Build This Feature?

Mark Balch utilizes his vast experience and knowledge, and discusses some of the challenges in the product management field. Due to the fact that there are so many other departments that are part of the product development process, various roadblocks generally appear during the development process that force the product manager to change their approach. Balch lists three organizational situations that reshape and shape the leadership tactics of product managers, offering useful advice as well.


7. 15 Expert Tips on the Skills and Mindset of a Successful Product Manager

Becoming a successful product manager takes a great many skills and talents, as the position requires a great deal of flexibility and knowledge. 15 leading professionals in the field were asked their opinions on what skills they think are most crucial for product managers to have. It’s important to know how to recognize those people who embody a wide range of talents, and this article is a huge help in defining what those skills are. These experts provide a great deal of wisdom, and show that there isn’t just one type of ideal product manager, rather there are a great many directions a person can take.

8. 3 Minute Product Manager: Strategic Role of Product Management

This video will provide enlightening advice on the many roles a product manager is expected to take on, and how to navigate the workforce. Becoming a successful product manager can be tough, but with this helpful guide it just became a whole lot easier! By not only defining the purpose and goals of a product manager, but also explaining then key components that lead to success, this video is truly worth watching.



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