The Top 3 Production Management Software

What exactly is production management software? This is a hot topic right now, trending heavily on Google, Yahoo and other information exchange sites. It’s also all over SaaS and business software forums. Production Management Software is the new buzzword.

How is Production management different from Product Management? Production management pretty much entails the same things as product management, but it incorporates all the processes involved with the product – into individual, itemized categories.

So, what the heck does that even mean? It means the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Production management looks at each aspect of product creation as a process that exists on its own. Then it combines all these various processes into a whole.

Perhaps the software will provide some clarity…Below are three examples of production management software.

#1 – xRP
xRP is a contact/CRM solution. It is a great example of software that shows how production management breaks down the different aspects of a product lifecycle. While it’s not ‘Salesforce,’ when it comes to CRM management, and it’s not Zendesk when it comes to the contact management, it handles both of these features together better than either provider does so themselves. Being a good middleman provides balance for small and medium sized businesses – especially those who can’t afford separate systems.

#2 – Ecount ERP
Ecount ERP is a retail and merchandising-oriented solution. I’d also label this provider as a middleman. Ecount ERP offers the functionalities of various different software and combines them into one system. It offers, tracking interoperability, inventory management and CRM solutions. See the trend yet? What is the  common denominator that defines production management?

#3 – Plantune
Plantune is a production planning suite that offers KPI and unique workflow management/design solutions.  Plantune also offers queue optimization, promised functionality, supply request generation, production capacity evaluation and a ton more.

The common denominator of production management software is the term ‘hybrid.’ These hybrids take in various aspects of product lifecycle and combine each separate process into a whole. This is what production management software is all about.

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