This Week’s Best Articles in Product Management

By: Mark @Spectechular Silver

This week’s best in product management discusses the mobile revolution, the rise of product management and even takes a look at Silicon Valley.

1. Bringing MVP Culture to Every Product Feature
Diego Pereira takes on lean product management, lean startup, and the MVP (minimally viable feature). This article tackles some of the most critical product processes and helps put these processes in better focus.

2. Mobile Apps: An Ongoing Revolution
In Carlos Chang’s article on mobile apps, he outlines their possibilities in the future of mobile products. Specifically he focuses on the role of mobile apps in a revolution of simplicity.


3. A Product Manager’s Job
In this article by Josh Elman, he breaks down the role of a product manager in very specific and important pieces. From helping your team, to finding the right product for your users, Elman’s take on a product manager’s role will bring some new and important insights into your role.

4. Why CMOs Should Care About the The Rise of Product Management
In Kimberly Whitler’s article, she outlines the changing role of marketing and its many related roles. She helps her readers reimagine product management organization, marketing and delivery.

5. Infographic: Everyone Makes More In Silicon Valley
Finally in this article we look at an infographic about Silicon Valley and the income expectations of employment in this area. This infographic will let you know just what to expect in the way of employment and salary in the valley, and it’s pretty convincing.

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