This Week’s Best in Product Management

In this week’s best in PM, we look at product management without the budget, some metrics to be wary of and even have an interview with Bo Ren, Facebook’s Product Manager for some advice.

1. Part 3 of 5: What Makes Effective Product Management?

Rob Beachy provides us with another blog (5 installments in all) where he shares his product management knowledge in the form of tips and insights in the industry.

2. What THis Product Manager Learned at Google Helped Him Decide to Ditch His Job To Make Music

Jillian D’Onfro’s article tells the amazing story of Alex Collins who worked at Google for four years before he ditched the comfort of steady income for the chance at a career in music. If you’re looking to make a change, but want to see just how organization and goal setting can help change the game, this article provides some excellent advice.
3. Product Management without the Budget

In Francisco Trindade’s article about product management, we learn about the challenges of growing and evolving a product without money, or without much of a budget.

4. Out of Office with Facebook Product Manager Bo Ren 

In Samantha Cole’s article, she connects with Bo Ren, Facebook Product Manager for some advice about where to find inspiration, how to follow an unconventional path, and more.

5. Product Management Metrics You Need to Be Aware Of

Finally in this article we discuss the challenges in product management metrics and point out some of the metrics you need to be most concerned about, and others that you should probably be wary of.


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