This Week’s Best in Product Management

From sales suggestions to increased analysis for better design, this week’s best in product management are sure to be of great help.

1. Don’t Let Other Departments Hide Their Headcount in Your Budget

In this article by Steve Johnson, he recognizes the way in which other marketing and sales people rely on product management for expertise. This he argues can have detrimental effects on the work of the department itself. If you’re struggling with this problem, or even if you haven’t recognized it as an issue yet, Johnson’s article is quite insightful.

2. Design Thinking and Product Management

Rajat Harlalka’s article helps make the case for increased use of an analytical approach to focusing on customer needs. He argues that more research and analysis will only make us better designers with more flexible and stronger design.

3. Every Product Manager Needs to Work in Sales – For Awhile

In this article by Dr. Jim Anderson he makes the case for product managers working in sale in order to boost product development, increase communication skills, and benefit from having to explain product decision and design.

4. Four Questions You Should Ask in Customer Interviews; Five-Year View of B2B Product Management

In this article by Jeff Lash he examines four critical things that you should inquire of your customers in order to bring out the best insights to better understand your buyers.

5. A Quick Look At 3 Applications to Aid Product Management

Finally, in this article we evaluate some of the cutting edge software products on the market to help you engage stakeholders, prioritize product ideas, and track milestones and critical data. If you’re looking for products to help you engage, this article is for you.


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