This Week’s Top 5 Product Management Articles

1# The Challenges of Releasing Early and Often

Business needs to come up with a way of releasing their products more often and effectively. Teressa Torres looks at some of the challenges of launching products every now and then.

2# Which Customers to Listen to, When

Your business can fail if you don’t listen to the right customers as you will not in control of what is happening around you. So, which customers should you lend an ear to? Here are the answers by Maxwell Wessel.

3# Google Ventures Shares Presentations on Lean Product Management

Lean product management is usually an arduous task to most companies. Here is a video by Google on this topic to help you get a grasp of it well. Prepared by Chris Crum

4# Can You Be a Rockstar Product Manager?

A good product manager has to be able to liaise with the customer reps and technical teams. Yasi Baiani talks about how to become a professional product manager in your company.

Infographic: Software Analytics for Product Management

Check out this awesome infographic on software analytics.


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