Top 5 Product Management Articles

1# Why your Roadmap Should be Flexible

To achieve success, product managers have to formulate a flexible road map. It should clearly communicate the product vision to public. Here is an article on why you should do this by Janna Bastow.

2# Embarrassed to Launch (Ugly) First Version? Take a Look at These

Product or service launch is one of the most dreaded initiatives that companies are not ready to take. Unknown to them is that one learns from their mistakes. Here is a list of some of ugly first versions of various product that later made it big. Compiled by Team NextBigWhat.

3# Do People Really Want Smarter Toothbrushes

Oral-b, one of the leading toothbrush manufacturing companies launched the first web enabled toothbrush. This product has sparkled mixed reactions among customers. Do, do we really need smart toothbrushes? Here are the answers by Gordon Hui

4# Hiring a Great Product Leader

Hiring a competent product leader is a daunting task to most human resource managers. This is because the manager has a direct impact on success of the products. Sutha Kamal provides some effective tips on how to find a good product leader.

5# How to Make the Customer’s Voice Heard within the Development Team

To succeed, business must strive to meet their customers’ needs and preferences. I wrote an article on how to ensure that the development team considers the customers. Here it is the fully copy of the same you missed it.


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