Top Product Management Webinars to Watch

Yesterday, I listed 3 of the most importance conferences remaining in 2013 for product managers.  Yet events are also expensive, and you need to travel to get there.  Webinars empower you to learn a lot of new information and insight, while in the comfort of your own chair, without spending an arm and a leg.

There are a lot of product management webinars out there, and they will teach you quite a lot. Webinars offer deliver insight that inspire you to think in new and clever ways. They serve to make your product management expertise and business practices all the more effective and stable. It’s dangerous to go at it alone, so when experts offer their advice, especially in the business world, it’s best to listen up.

With so many product management webinars out there (and most of them being available on demand, and for free), it can become a bit daunting figuring out which ones are right for you. And more importantly – which ones are actually good.

I have fortunately had the chance to sit through a lot of webinars myself, so I’ve seen and heard enough of them to know the good from the bad. It’s been said that I am very picky about this kind of thing, so if I recommend a webinar, it’s definitely worth your time.

#1 – Agile, Roadmaps and Requirements: Are they Mutually Exclusive? (Pragmatic Marketing)

This webinar is interesting because it asks you to approach marketing not so much as different components that need to be broken down, but rather as a strategy and philosophy as a whole.  In this way marketers can accomplish great things.

‘Agile, Roadmaps and Requirements’ is pretty informal and comfortable. It avoids the stereotypical chatter, boredom and “droning on” associated with seminars and webinars. This webinar is long, but the information provided is very useful; it just may change the way you think about the different approaches to marketing, and how they may be parts of a far greater concept. I must confess that this webinar made me stop and think for a while.

#2 – Effective Agile Product Management through Automation (Christina Noren)

I recommend this webinar because it talks about ’embracing technology’ in a way that many businesses are still afraid to do. Many businesses still think of marketing as an entirely non-technological platform.

Ms. Noren, VP of Product Management at Splunk, talks about the use of automated SaaS and computing skills in order to reach out to the customers in new, digital ways. This includes social marketing, onboard technologies, and the self-service approach. These methods have recently revolutionized customer service and tech support. They are increasingly being adapted to marketing. This is very cool trend, she’s a good speaker, and the webinar covers highly ‘intelligent technology.’

#3 – Eight Rules of Successful Win/Loss Analysis (Roger Allison)

One of the hardest tasks in the marketing world is determining how successful a campaign, perspective or idea really is. There are raw numbers and logistics to calculate, but there’s something more to it than just math.

Allison, CEO of Sales Cycle Analytics, puts this component into words. I really recommend checking this webinar out.

There are a lot more product marketing webinars out there, but the three I’ve just mentioned are my top recommendations. They cover a wide range or marketing topics and help you think outside-the-box. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Mark is the Lead Author & Editor of Spectechular Blog. Mark established the Spectechular blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Product Management.