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Another week has come and gone and the Product Marketing Machine is buzzing as always. Each Thursday, I summarize and send all the best and most talked about articles, uploaded to the blog.

And, here they are:

In Product Management, It’s all About Location, Location Location!

Product management is not an easy task due to the many factors that have to put into consideration. Angira Arawal interacted with a number of Indian and Global technology companies and realized location is one of the most important factors that should be considered. Here are the details just for you.

From Project Management to Product Management: The new model for IT

Most manufacturers believe that visibility and value of a product is one of the key factors that lure customers into purchasing a product. Robert Stroud takes a look at this trend and the new IT model that promise to cushion manufacturers from common product management problems.

Amazon Product Management, Working Backwards

Amazon’s CTO Werner Vogels wrote an article about their product management strategy “Working Backwards in 2006. Here is a summary of this article by Brendan Sterne to help you manage your products better.

Product Manager: Role from startups to Enterprises

Product management is a topic that arouses different views and suggestions from various corporations. Here is a presentation by Rafael Maranon-Abreu that details his personal view about product management. He has more than seven years hands-on experience in startups here in Europe and Silicon Valley.

The Scrum Product Management Revolution

Early this week, I wrote an article on the importance of time in product management. Here are the details about that article by Mark Silver. Am sure it will hone your product management skills.

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