Weekly Roundup On Product Management

This week, I’d like to share with you 5 blog posts that will help you in 2016. This time of year is usually the best time to sit with a cup of tea and enjoy some downtime by the fireplace, unless you’re in California, then grab an iced tea. Whether you want to become a product manager, or consider yourself a seasoned veteran, there is always something to learn from fellow product managers.

This week’s I’ve really tried to round up blogs that could help everyone from the rookie to the seasoned vet. We’ve all gone to war for our products, slept in our offices, and fought for what we believed is right. I believe the blogs below will help us understand how to better organize our products, how to better understand our teams and how to be a better product manager as well.

Products, Product Management, and Project Management

One of the most important things in today’s world is understanding how to properly convey your message. Many times our ideas are not projected properly. The main area of misinterpretation other than technical issues, tends to be product vs. project. This is one of the more straightforward explanations I’ve found so far.

47 Experts on How To Be an Amazing Product Manager

There are no greater teachers then friends. Many people say that your circle of friends define who you are, and I believe that there is much truth to that saying.  Here you can learn what others in the product management community believe in and practice.

Connect Agile Teams to Organizational Hierarchy: A Sociocratic Solution

A major component of being a product manager is understanding how to lead. I find that agile teams sometimes have a leadership issue, which this post expertly points out how to work on. The sociocratic solution might seem like “big words” but they are very easy to understand and comprehend. A must read for any product manager looking to go agile.

12 Skills You Need to Unlock a Product Management Career

This may seem like an article for the newbies but it is anything but. The amount of tips compressed into one small blog post is impressive. I feel as if this should be a must read in universities, as well as a yearly reminder to experienced product managers as a reminder to come back down to earth. Furthermore the product manager changes constantly, and so you may find it necessary to learn what a product manager means today.

How to Succeed as a Product Manager in 2016

Now that we’ve done all this reading, it’s nice to watch a small video as a recap. I’m a back to basics type of leader if you haven’t realized this yet. In order to succeed in 2016 it’s essential to understand what your role is as a product manager. You are the foundation of any product, and if the foundation is faulty, then the product is faulty.


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