This Week’s Best Reads in Product Management

This week’s best in product management offers up a number of articles that let us look at the best in onboarding strategy, while outlining a product management onboarding plan, and even an opportunity to predict our customer’s future behavior.

1. Product Management vs. Product Marketing – 2 Departments or 1?

This article by Michael Schrivathsan helps define the differences and similarities of product management teams and product marketing teams. Regardless of their differences however, Schrivathsan argues that in today’s fast-changing market, the confusion over lack of ownership and politics often lessens the possibility of  innovation.

2. Onboarding for Product Management

Mike Smart’s article outlines the qualities of the most effective onboarding programs. From creating a feedback cycle to creating an onboarding scorecard, this article will help you develop your own excellent onboarding program.

3. The Ice-Bucket Challenge – A Big Lost Opportunity

Saeed Kahn pours over the Ice Bucket Challenge that has been all the rage this summer. Raising money and awareness for ALS is admirable to be sure but could have been done better and more efficiently.

4. Ask About the Past, Rather Than The Future

Teresa Torres article is an insightful piece about how to determine a potential customer’s future actions based on past behavior. By determining their latest behavior Torres will help you project possibilities in the future.

5. Product Management KPIS – Examples to Use

This article will help you better understand the product management KPI’s, examples, advantages and concerns.  There’s simply no justification for not measuring efficiency or focusing on important metrics, and this article can help you more clearly define and map your KPI.


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