This Week’s Best Reads in Product Management

This week’s best in Product Management address some of the most important reporting strategies, some forecasting models, and impresses on us the importance of twitter and social media to startups.

1. Analytics Strategy: 5 Tips for Reliable Reporting

This article by Edward Upton helps us better understand key reporting metrics and how to complete real-time reports. If you’re looking at stepping up your data capturing processes, this is the article for you.

2. Prototyping Myths: Aligning Marketing and Product Marketing Why Healthcare Needs Product Management

Jeff Lash’s article about prototyping provides an overview of the objections to such prototyping and the benefits you stand to gain from it. His examples are thorough, and the article does a solid job with identifying the many possibilities for PMPs.

3. Sunny Whether: Two Types of Forecasting Models for Running Your Startup

Hunterwalk’s article bout the types of forecasting models which will benefit you in the long run, will be particularly interesting to those involved in startups.

4. What Twitter has to Teach Product Managers

DRJIM’s article is about the important lessons to be learned from Twitter. From being a cross-platform service to the ability to grow and become more valuable, I think you’ll find this article particularly interesting, and insightful.

5. 4 Tactics to Deliver Greater Functionality in Less Time

And one I wrote- We know your business has a lot to gain from improved functionality, but you can’t build better functionality without proper engagement with your customers. If you follow these four tips, you’ll gain improved function very quickly.


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