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The Rock/Paper/Scissors of Product Management Strategy This article, by Michael Dehaan, presents several schools and methods of product management strategies. After seeing product mangers in work at quite a few companies, Dehaan came up with 5 point to take in count when developing a product management strategy. Product Managers Want to Know: Can A Product

7 Mistakes Product Managers Make that Cause Customers to Churn

* This article is part of a book called “How a Product Manager Can Keep Customers Happy when Releasing a Major Product Update” Churn is a dirty word in product management. It is also an increasingly important fact of life in today’s online business environment. When users complain about software supplied as a service, purchasers

My Favorite Articles this Week in Product Management

Amazing product managers are scarce. There are many things to consider when hiring this crucial role that is the core of your product’s success. Lots of companies often make beginner mistakes when growing their product team in hopes of scaling. Below are the best articles from this week on product management, what traits the optimal

Great TED Talk: Are we in control of our own decisions?

Using visual illusions as a metaphor, behavioral economist Dan Ariely shows that we’re not as rational as we’d like to think we are when we make decisions. One poignant example of irrational behavior Ariely uses is in the disparity between organ donators between different countries in Europe (5:08 in video). While some may think that