How Bank CIOs Can Get Ahead of Fintech’s Disruptions

“Nonbanks Are Changing the Rules of Digital Banking” – Gartner 2015 After the healthcare industry, the banking industry is currently the second biggest target for disruption. This disruption is by Fintech – technology that has moved transactions online. “Golden Sachs estimates that upstarts could steal up to $4.7 trillion in annual revenue and $470 billion

5 Things I Learned After Joining the Product Development and Management Association

After I joined, I was surprised to find how useful the Product Development and Management Association is in terms of my own professional development. The Association is a nonprofit professional society comprised of innovators that organize and publish information about the development of new products. 1. The Product Development and Management Association Helps you Build

How to Marry Agile Change Management and Lean Software Development

The concept of lean software development originated in the manufacturing sector. Originating in Japan and utilized specifically in the Toyota manufacturing process the idea is to eliminate waste of any and all kinds. Now that same bank of principals has begun to be applied to software development. Applying lean practices in software development, however, poses