How to Measure Your Product Profitability

How do you really measure product profitability? This is a question which gets a lot of answers by different professionals and business people, and honestly, it’s hard to say any particular answer is right or wrong, with the exception of obviously preposterous ones. So, in light of that, is there a sure fire, generally applicable

Most Important Product Manager Skills to Acquire

What are some of the more important product manager skills to focus on? Especially when hiring a product manager? Or when working to become a competent one yourself? Product management is a challenging field entailing many complicated sciences. It includes a cocktail of marketing, business logistics and mercantile skills. It’s one of those fields that

Some More Online Product Management Tips

Is online product management a lot different from traditional product management? Well, like anything going digital, there are constants that don’t change, but yes, it’s a different ballgame for a number of reasons. E-Commerce is a unique environment, as far as commerce in general goes, because of how it works, and the attitude of convenience