Best Articles of Product Management

Another week has come and gone and the world of Product Marketing is overflowing with the latest news, reviews and innovations! I’ve summed it all up, into the top 5 product marketing stories that I found most interesting. Here they are:

1# How Should a Product Manager Handle Product Team Conflicts? 

What should a product manager do to ensure smooth relationships and operations among his team members? DJRIM goes above and beyond the call of duty to give explain how managers should respond to conflicts. He shares several approaches to suit different scenarios.

2# Video: Beyond Usable-mapping Emotion to Experience

There is a very thin line separating devotion and addiction. Many companies have in the past exploited the former at the expense of the latter. Martin Eriksson takes us through the opinion of Kelly Goto (an Evangelist for Design Ethnography) on this subject.

3# Product Discovery in Established Companies

Marty Cagan gets you up-close and personal with the all-important topic of product discovery in established companies. He analyzes various pros and cons of different methods applied by typical companies. The author suggests the best way forward for companies seeking to introduce new products.

4# Idea Management When Developing a Product

Separating good ideas from bad ones can prove a tall order to some people. Janna Bastow discusses several wise ways through which you can generate sound ideas for your organization. A clear and concise write-up.

5# Top 3 Product Lifecycle Management Books

PLM books play a big role in influencing decision making at various levels of a typical organization. In this post I give a sneak peek to three of the most sought-after publications for this topic.


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