The Best of Product Management

1. Product Managers Need To Know How to Find Customers in a Dark Room

Sometimes it’s difficult to pick a good customer from a crowd of potential clients. You need to develop the ability to “see” where your customers are. This post by DRIM will is sure to leave you well informed on this rarely discussed topic.

2. Product Marketing Rule No. 16 – Remember Your Internal Customers

Don’t get too pre-occupied with hunting for customers until you forget about the crucial people in your organization. Sales, support and finance teams are extremely interested in your product management decisions. Don’t leave them in the dark, read this post by Brian Lawley.

3. Product Management in Online Payments

One probable reason why your online e-commerce portal is not converting is you’re not in touch with your online customer’s needs and expectations. You need to simplify your online payment system accordingly. Jock Busuttil’s best of week article is a sneak peek to a recent conference on online payments that took place in London.

4. Want Better Product Innovation? 10 Customer Activities You Should Be Testing

Customer interest should always come before self. And how best to delight your customers than by analyzing their habits? Tim Ash talks about 10 customer activities worth testing going forward.

5. 2 Small Changes That Will Have Big Results in Product Management

Do your customers come back after making their first purchase? If not, chances are that they’re not satisfied with your services. In this article I talk about 2 small changes that can bring tremendous results in product management.

There you go – the full list of best of week articles that shook the online waves.



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