The Best of the Week in PMGMT

July has ended, but the first week of August brings great new reads.

I guess good writing doesn’t go on summer vacation! Here is what I have for you this week.

1. 12 Things Product Managers Should Do In Their First 30 Days at a New Company

Ken Norton uses this article to share tips on how to be a better product manager by setting appropriate personal goals, establishing support systems, learning before changing, and setting clear expectations for everyone involved. These are just a few of the tips that Norton outlines in this article and I’m certain you’ll find it a critical outline of first tasks.

2. Product Managers: Vision, Instinct, Obsession

This article by Hemal Kuntawala outlines his role in project management after speaking to startup founders and learning some of their opinions about what does and does not work in the industry.

3.  Just When You Thought It was Safe to Go Back to the Theatre: A Product Management Lesson on Innovation, Pricing, and Comedy from “Rifftrax Live: Sharknado”

In this very creative article by Christopher Cummings he outlines the innovative work of Rifftrax in adding value to an otherwise poorly attended theatre experience. He evaluates just how Rifftrax might be defying the odds in an otherwise unsuccessful environment.

 4. Interview: The Puppet Master Pulling the Strings of Google Travel

Dennis Schaal’s article outlines an interview with Richard Holden, who oversee’s Google’s travel products. I think you’ll find that this interview provides a greater understanding of the  work involved in successful product development especially in a fast paced environment like google.

 5.  Top 4 User Feedback Research Tools to Help You Grow

Finally, this is an article I wrote about the importance of user feedback and research. I compiled 4 of the best user feedback and research tools available today. You may find this to be a helpful way to discover the kinds of tools available to collect information and better understand your market. 



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