Fundamentals of Product Management Explained

In order to really understand a business field, you’re best served to step outside technicalities, metrics and other complexities, and just look at the basic intellectual fundamentals that are involved in the field. That’s the case with product management, which is a complex field many don’t fully understand, even with an interest in it. So,

Business Process Modeling Tools

In today’s complex business world, pretty much any project involving an entire business process either on the whole or in a performance thereof, requires a healthy amount of strategy and forethought. There are so many variables and analytics to concern yourself with that even if the computer age hadn’t directly made things this complicated, they’d

Setting the Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled for Product Management

Getting your budgeted cost of work scheduled for product management is a bit of a task sometimes. This is one of those areas of business science where there are a lot of variables during a product lifecycle, and during a product launch. Emergencies can happen, things can go more smoothly or utterly fail, any number