The Top 3 Production Management Software

What exactly is production management software? This is a hot topic right now, trending heavily on Google, Yahoo and other information exchange sites. It’s also all over SaaS and business software forums. Production Management Software is the new buzzword. How is Production management different from Product Management? Production management pretty much entails the same things as

A Review of a Product Management Process

The product management process is something that many people find confusing and utterly alien. Still others will jump to the conclusion that product management involves the production, distribution or retail sale of products or services directly to customers. Well, the product management process does indeed involve these things, but there’s a lot more to it than

3 Tips for Product Management Strategic Planning

Product management and strategy is one of the bigger hurdles of business, and one that’s almost always a mess. For those unfortunate enough to be yoked with this responsibility beyond their normal duties, it can be nightmarish and daunting. So many confident and competent professionals have walked away from this sort of responsibility unsure of themselves