The Product Management Lifecycle Overview

The product management lifecycle can mean a few different things depending on the business climate you are working with. For example, when dealing with brick and mortar retail, product management entails a longer process with fewer steps, where with ecommerce, it involves very short lifecycles with more steps. So, in order to really, fully appreciate

Most Important functions of production management

What are the functions of production management? This is another one that seems to confuse people, and part of this is because production management and product management aren’t entirely the same thing, but this is a common misconception. Well, they do overlap, but it’s kind of like comparing user experience and usability which are also

The Real Objectives of Production Management

What are the objectives of production management? In order to work in a multitude of significant industries such as manufacturing, design, retail or marketing, it’s pretty important to have a good grasp of production management, its significance, and how everyone involved in these fields to any capacity must also contribute to this field as well.

How to Measure Your Product Profitability

How do you really measure product profitability? This is a question which gets a lot of answers by different professionals and business people, and honestly, it’s hard to say any particular answer is right or wrong, with the exception of obviously preposterous ones. So, in light of that, is there a sure fire, generally applicable