10 Greatest Product Management Infographics and Videos

Business meetings today are all about PowerPoints, images and videos to get points across. Imagine showing up to your investors meeting with only a speech. This translates to the rest of people’s lives, especially businesspeople. It’s one of the reasons infographics and videos have become so important. With today’s attention span averaging 3 minutes, I

GREAT PREZI PRESENTATION: How to Keep Customers Happy When Releasing a Major Product Update

One of the most burdensome, yet vital, aspects of software is periodic updates. With them, companies can update software with new features, upgrade existing features, or change specifications, user interfaces, or design. During this process, however, end-users often get frustrated with long downloading times, re-learning the new software and its features, and reaching the level

How Bank CIOs Can Get Ahead of Fintech’s Disruptions

“Nonbanks Are Changing the Rules of Digital Banking” – Gartner 2015 After the healthcare industry, the banking industry is currently the second biggest target for disruption. This disruption is by Fintech – technology that has moved transactions online. “Golden Sachs estimates that upstarts could steal up to $4.7 trillion in annual revenue and $470 billion