10 Greatest Product Management Infographics and Videos

Business meetings today are all about PowerPoints, images and videos to get points across. Imagine showing up to your investors meeting with only a speech. This translates to the rest of people’s lives, especially businesspeople. It’s one of the reasons infographics and videos have become so important.

With today’s attention span averaging 3 minutes, I find that pictures and videos can hold people’s attention for just a little longer. Compiled below are the top 10 videos, multimedia, and other fun posts I believe are interesting and unique, as well as those that will keep you interested. Enjoy!


1. Product Management Explained in 3 Words

What’s better than being able to explain your job position in as little as three words? This is especially true for product managers whom tend to always tell me “it’s complicated”.  Here’s a little picture that perfectly encapsulates what product managers thrive to do.

2. Paranormal Video: What Smart Packaging Can Do To Your Product

Do you ever feel as if you have the perfect product but don’t know how to gain people’s attention to the product? This video shows you the important of marketing and packaging your product correctly.



3. [Video] Is Your Product a Trick or Treat?

While this may seem a bit silly, the important behind this video is vastly underrated. What you should take away from this is the important of interacting with your customers and having focus groups.


4. Bad Product Management – Lessons on How NOT to Build a Product

Hands down my favorites product management related video, the Pentagon Wars perfectly encapsulates everything wrong with some product leaders. It is important to have a vision and stand by it. Don’t let others interfere with your vision and stay realistic.


5. Video: 7 Mistakes Product Managers Make that Cause Customers to Churn

Explained in a great video is what 7 mistakes I’ve personally made which caused me to lose customers. Sometimes it is easy for product managers to lose focus and forget that customers come first. The product you are building isn’t for you, it’s for them.

spectech video

There’s more you can do to increase customer satisfaction. 

6. Great Infographic: Hot Topics in Product Development and Innovation

As a product manager it may be easy to feel as if you know enough. It is important to stay humble and understand that product management constantly changes, especially if it has to do with technology. This infographic keeps you up to date with the newest trends.

7. Great Video: The Era of Open Innovation

TED talks are the best. The way they coach their speakers into explaining complicated ideas into such simple and plain lectures are amazing. While people used to love realilty-shows, podcasts and TED talks have taken over, for the best. Watch this TED talk by Charles Leadbeater about Open Innovation.


8. 7 Movies Every Product Manager Must Watch

Product managers are allowed to have some fun. Compiled is a list of 7 movies every product manager must watch for inspiration and to relax. Why not mix business and pleasure sometimes?

spectech video 2


9. How to Succeed as a Product Manager in 2016

If you’re looking to break into the role of product management this video is for you. This video may be a little old, but it is still extremely relevant. Furthermore if you are a current product manager it is important to remember the basics.


10. 10 Product Fails To Be Happy You Aren’t Associated With

Another fun list. I don’t like reveling in others failures, but these 10 products I simply couldn’t resist. This is what happens when product managers forget about details and packaging their product correctly. It is important to play with your products completely before release.

spectech video 3


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