This Week’s Best Reads in Product Management

In this week’s best in Product Management we learn about validation, politics and even some of the biggest launch mistakes.

1. Validate Your Product Idea in 5 Steps
In this article by Shardul Mehta, he challenges the “old ways” of validating a product
idea. Instead he suggests focusing on validated learning. He offers up some great advice in this article which is sure to help you validate your products critical components.

2.Politics and Your Next Release
Steve Johnson’s article about the politics of product release is sure to strike a chord with many PM managers. His solutions and communication suggestions are excellent and can help you prioritize the politics of your vision strategy.

3.How Product Managers Can Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to Create Product Buzz
DrJim’s article will help you leverage all your social media items in order to build a better product.More importantly, he addresses just how each social media site can be used effectively to create product buzz.

4.Top Ten Product Launch Mistakes

In this piece by Brian Lawley, he discusses product launch mistakes that we have all made (and continue to make) at launch times. From rushing the launch or not planning early enough to overestimating results, Lawley’s article can help you take a hard look at the challenges you face as a product leader.

5.  How to Be a Great Product Leader

Finally in this article we take on the task of defining excellent product leadership. From the skills of effective product leaders to the communication styles, this article can help you better understand your role and how to leverage your leadership skills in order to better your product’s success.



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