A Goldilocks Approach to Product Management Performance

Too hot…too cold… just right.   Let’s take a spin on Goldilocks and learn from this infographic. How can you get your product management performance to be at just the right temperature.   Product management is, in many ways, what determines the success of a product. It all lies in a well-operating product life-cycle at the mercy

9 Articles to Help Your Product Development Team Stay Organized

During the product development process one of the biggest challenges isn’t necessarily developing the actual product, rather it’s keeping your team organized so they can work as efficiently as possible. Both on an individual and group scale, organization is the key to a functioning development team. I’ve compiled a list of invigorating articles published this

5 Career Ruining Management Moves Brought to You by the Muppets

Management doesn’t always come naturally to many people. Understanding the complexities that go into leading a product development team is challenging, but it’s a good thing we have popular Muppet role models to look up to…or rather to learn what NOT to do. These five Muppets often cross the line in their management roles, making every

Define Your Product Management Mission Statement with Eric Stover

“The product manager is the champion, the evangelist, the strategist, the voice of the customer.”  Eric Stover shares his vast knowledge on strategic product management, and sheds some light on the genius behind his data-driven decision-making capabilities in this exclusive interview. Eric is currently the head product manager at Autodesk, and specializes in various fields