8 Product Managers LinkedIn profiles you can draw inspiration from

I believe that it’s important to learn what we can from our peers in the professional world, and I think that can be done in a number of ways. From one-on-one conversations, to researching other professionals’ methods yourself, applying new insights or methods to your work can only lead to increases success. I put together

May’s Best – The Top 8 Product Management Posts of the Month

This month I had the privilege to read some incredible articles, with topics ranging from the importance of collaboration to insights from the top experts in the field. I truly learned a lot about product management, with wisdom coming from the most unexpected places, such as a documentary about a horse.  I enjoyed reading about

Proven Formulas for Successful End-to-End Product Management

Today we’ll look at a handful of proven formulas for successful end-to-end product management. But first, let’s get a working definition for end-to-end product management. The term refers to the beginning and endpoints of a service. Going a bit deeper, the  theory associated with end-to-end product management is that eliminating as many middle layers as

5 Skills a Product Development Manager Needs to Have

  With the responsibility of ensuring that a company develop and produce quality, in-demand products, a product development manager must have a comprehensive set of skills to be successful.   Product managers have to deal with massive amounts of detail and it requires an immense amount of skill. This fast-growing position is a tad intimidating,